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How do I choose the right denim top?

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How do I choose the right denim top?

#1 Сообщение hetalpatel » 15 июн 2024, 13:02

Choosing the right denim top includes considering key factors to compliment your figure and achieve your desired look. Here's a factor to help you pick the perfect one:

Curvy: Settle on a work of art or custom-made fit that skims your curves without gripping. A-line or empire waist styles can also be complimenting.
Petite: Edited denim jackets or shirts with vertical details can stretch your silhouette. Avoid overly loose styles.
Tall and Slim: Play with proportions! Try oversized denim coats or tunics for a casual vibe.
Comfort: The top shouldn't restrict movement. Try it and move around to ensure a comfortable fit.

Choose a color and wash that complements your current wardrobe. Classic blue is a safe bet, but consider how you'll wear the top.

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