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Munchkin Card Game | Reward

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Munchkin Card Game | Reward

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Munchkin Card Game | Reward When a player kills a monster, they go one level up for each monster they killed. There is an exception for this, if the monster card instructs otherwise. It then gives the player all its treasure. All monster cards have a treasure number at their bottom. Players are to draw that PGSLOT number of treasures along with the modifications of the monster card on it. If a player has killed the monster alone, then they must draw the card faced down. If someone has helped a player in killing a monster then they have to draw the cards faced up so as to let that other player see what you got. In case a player has defeated a monster in the non-deadly way then that player does not go a level up and may or may not get the treasure. This totally depends on the method used. Even the player who helped can play the treasure card as soon as they get them.

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