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Urwerk UR-100V LightSpeed features unmatched space-themed display

Traveling on the speed of light, Urwerk's latest design shows how long it takes for that sun's rays to reach the 8-10 planets in our solar system.

Inside a world filled with change in addition to upheaval, numbers can provide confidence. The speed of light is a regular and finite number, a worth used to measure distances having extraordinary accuracy. Urwerk's newest study of the UR-100V facilities on the speed of light, or rather, enough time it takes for the sun's rays to attain eight planets. Of course , journeying at the speed of light requires a specific ship, and the UR-100V provides markings on its hull to indicate planets and the moment it takes to receive the first light of sunlight. The new UR-100V LightSpeed still gives people the hours and short minutes here on Earth by re-writing satellites, giving us any clearer picture of our partnership to other planets in the galaxy and our proximity for the sun.

The first UR-100 types proposed a journey by means of time and space, utilizing when hand on the hour satellite tv to display the Earth's revolving and Earth's revolution round the sun over a 20-minute time frame. Introduced in 2019, the UR-100's astronomical indications may not be one of the most useful reference for Earthlings, but it fits co-founders Frank Frei and Felix Baumgartner's mission to introduce yet another dimension to time. Created from high-tech materials with different titles - SpaceTime, Electrum, Total Titanium Jacket, Ultraviolet, Wonder T - the new UR-100V LightSpeed combines time, room and light.

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The particular UR-100V LightSpeed rotates across the constant speed of light, which has a mathematical value of 299, 792. 458 km/s and is symbolically displayed by the letter "c". In accordance with Martin Frei, the UR-100V LightSpeed is like wearing "a part of the universe on your arm, " with a planetarium made up of eight celestial bodies plus the time it takes for the rays of the sun to reach each planet. For instance , the sun's rays take 8. four minutes to reach Earth and several. 1 hours to reach Neptune.

Unlike the distances noted in earlier versions, these kinds of comparisons give us a better idea of our place in the particular universe. The UR-100V LightSpeed replaces the previous indications submitted at the 10 and only two o'clock positions, instead imprinted with the names of the nine planets and the time it will take for the sun's rays to reach these.

Hovering above the hovering hour or so mechanism is a new skeleton-domed black structure, conveying this specific message on two ranges with a green indicator of that time period and a white indicator in the planet. The outer disk will be stamped with Mercury a few. 2 minutes, Venus some minutes, Mars 12. a few minutes, Jupiter 43. 3 minutes, Saturn 79. 4 minutes, Earth 8. 3 minutes, Uranus 159. 6 minutes, as well as Neptune 4. 1 several hours.

Far from being a static sign of different times, there is a different novelty. You can see little azure and green hands suggesting different planets popping up inside the cutout areas of the new cupola structure. To perform this task, typically the hands are attached to certainly one of three carrousel arms as well as a full circle around the call in three hours. When it reaches Saturn with 3 o'clock, it descends below the minute orbit and also reappears on Uranus on 9 o'clock.

As with often the display on other Urwerk models, the hours are generally indicated by three spinning satellites, complete with a reddish arrow minute hand that complies with a 120-degree arc and is particularly graduated from 0 to be able to 60. For improved possibility of easy-reading, the hours and a few minutes are treated with blue-emitting Super-LumiNova.

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The case stays true to the design of the earlier model, having its mid-day screw-down crown, yet has new dimensions and it is water-resistant to 50 feets. The watch has a diameter connected with 43mm, a length of fifty-one. 63mm and a thickness associated with 14. 5mm. The case is manufactured out of 54 layers of ThinPly black carbon with a a bit mottled, matte finish, along with the case back is DLC-treated titanium that has been sandblasted along with sandblasted. Taking into account the leading part role of the sun, the actual rotor is star-shaped.

Your back of the watch showcases the particular caliber 12. 02 programmed movement. The fully star-shaped rotor at the back is drilled and controlled by a profiled air screw called a Windfänger, which is used to minimize shock and decrease wear. The carrousel in addition to triple base plate usually are crafted from ARCAP, an metal that contains no iron and is also nonmagnetic. The automatic bottom movement is manufactured by Vaucher, has a vibration frequency regarding 28, 800vph and a reserve of power of 48 hours.

Technological Specifications - URWERK UR-100V LIGHTSPEED
Case: 43mm wide times 51. 73mm long a 14. 55mm thick : Black carbon (54 tiers ThinPly) - DLC dealt with titanium caseback, sandblasted as well as sandblasted - Sapphire ravenscroft front and back rapid Noon screw-down crown instructions 50m water proof
Dial: Several hours on 3 rotating geostationary satellites, red arrow minute signal following a 120 arched orbit at 6 o'clock -- the time required for the 7 planets and the Sun to arrive at them is printed over a black structure and is designated by blue and environmentally friendly hands indicating hours and also minutes with blue Super-LumiNova luminous display
Movement: Competence UR 12. 02 : Automatic movement developed inside collaboration with Vaucher along with Windfänger propeller and interior display module - 45 jewels - 28, 800vph - 48 hours reserve of power - Beryllium bronze Geneva cross satellite hour show, aluminum turntable, ARCAP Turntable and Triple Base Platter Alloy - Black Drilled Star Aluminum Rotor
Straps: Red textured rubber together with folding clasp

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