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You must understand the game. The Yellow Baby

Добавлено: 17 ноя 2023, 11:17
Ever thought that being a babysitter was a simple and enjoyable job? Would you be interested in giving the weirdest and scariest childcare position you've ever heard of a try? If so, give the intriguing horror game the baby in yellow a try. In it, you'll have to take care of a baby who is going crazy due to a sinister force. In addition to the typical tasks like feeding, changing diapers, and putting them to sleep, you'll have to deal with the strange and horrible things that occur in their environment. He is able to fly, shape-shift, and attack you at will. To solve the mystery surrounding her presence, you'll need to make it through the game's eight chapters. Along with amazing 3D graphics and horrible audio, the game boasts a compelling story.